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Social Media Training

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With Sarah


Easy to follow online training to help you master social media and website SEO for your own business.  

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Learn by Step By Step

I’ll be offering a number of courses just to help you get more out of social media and running a website for your business.

Starting with hashtags for Instagram, to help you understand and use the best hashtags to attract your ideal client to your business.

Flow Grow Training Sarah Hobbs


Hi I’m Sarah. I love helping people get that lightbulb moment when I explain the nitty-gritty bits of social media and websites and how it can help their business.

I specialise in helping small businesses and sole traders understand the connections between their social media and websites (and other selling platforms), to build a sales and social media strategy, which ultimately leads to feeling confident using social media and at the same time growing sales.

I’ve a couple of decades of experience teaching non technical people how to understand enough to use various tools in systems to help their business. I take everything back to basics. Then take you step by step through what you need to know to get results.
I’ve been told I’m extremely calm and patient so don’t worry, we’ll get you there.

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